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Total Preparation For Motor Home Travel

Just consider it. How many individuals around you who are eager to pack your knapsack, leave the existing stereotype and also exceed the "see the world"? You are also amongst them, so are you proactively planning for RV traveling?

Exterior cleaning

You ought to completely wash the entire automobile prior to you park your Recreational Vehicle. You can make use of the solutions of various cleaning facilities with handwash, carwash or clean your own car. In vehicle washers, see to it that the dimension and also design of the auto is not a problem. High washing water stress cleanses the whole body completely, however can damage the home windows of the automobile or the tire. Special acrylic cleaning agent ought to be made use of for windows as well as cleaned by hand. Detergents can be used in any auto-shop. We advise to end the washing process by waxing the automobile components. Therefore, you can much better preserve these parts versus dirt and also rust.

Seal maintenance

All the rubber seals of windows and doors additionally need your interest. Laundry and impregnate with suitable ways. It is feasible to make use of talc or glycerol, which you can get in a drugstore or drug store. The seal will certainly continue to be elastic for longer and will certainly not break.


To prevent damage, we recommend that you blow up the tires to the optimal stress suggested by the supplier. It is likewise great to fertilize them (see "seal upkeep"). It is a good idea to place the automobile on the support feet (in case it is available), so you additionally lighten the wheel shock absorbers. You will certainly likewise attain far better security of the auto for interior cleaning

Interior cleansing.

Before wintering, it is suggested to thoroughly clean up the interior. Sucked carpets and also extra padding need to be kept in a completely dry location outside the cars and truck (when possible). Let the cushions rest against the edge of the bed to air vent. Tidy all PVC floors and smooth surface areas with water with a detergent or a steam cleanser. Leave all furnishings as well as refrigerator open after cleansing to permit air to distribute.

Checking the technique

Close all gas faucets, unscrew gas hose pipes and also regulatory authorities (interest - left hand string). Sanitize the water supply, consisting of the water heater, and after that drain them completely (you can buy the disinfectants in the RV shops once again). Do not neglect to clear out the commode. Leave the spigot and the waste tank open. Repeat disinfection of water supply once again before starting the new period. Reenergize the batteries to full capability and also eliminate them as well as store them in a frost-free location.

Right weight circulation on axles

ensure that the car's drive axles (depending on the design front or back) are sufficiently packed. The wheels on the loaded drive axle have much better traction and better take up on snow or ice particularly when starting.

Safe standing

Prevent standing under trees where there is a lot of snow. Dropping branches, snow or ice can harm the roof covering or vents. Do not use the emergency brake - do not use the emergency brake especially in frost. Brake calipers may freeze to the discs.

Roofing stabilization

If you make use of an awning, you require to stabilize it adequately against snow and wind damage. Continuously remove huge layers of snow, which might squash or otherwise damage the roof covering.

Adequate ventilation

Shovel snow continually from below the Motor Home to ensure sufficient air supply as well as exhaust gas home appliances. Constantly keep the air vents on the side as well as roof of the vehicle cost-free. They have to never be clogged - otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.

Lots of bottle gas

Make certain adequate gas reserves. A minimum of 3 kg/ day is required. Check that a minimum of 5% of butane is mixed in the bottle with Propane. In such a composition, usage is secure also at arctic temperatures.

Wetness in the cars and truck

Keep the within the automobile as dry as feasible. Wet ski wear is much better to dry outside under the awning or in the campsite driers. Ventilate well after utilizing the shower or after cooking.

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Tips For Buying A Used RV

With the start of the season, some of you will definitely choose to buy your RV. Those interested in buying a car should decide which type of car will be ideal for them as well as the total number of places for driving and sleeping and the overall layout of the car. A cheaper alternative to buying a new car is to buy a used car.
Here you have several official sources to find and choose the most suitable RV for you. You can inspect the cars directly in the specialized RV shops, where there will certainly be a large selection of not only used cars or even in some car dealerships. Some rental shops offer the possibility of renting the car for the weekend and in case of purchase, the rental price is deducted from the price of the car. With the development of the Internet, you also have the opportunity to search on specialized websites with RVs and motor homes, on car dealers' portals or search various advertisements .

Used cars have two different origins - from private owners, who usually pamper and care for it and have a smaller mileage or rental. These cars often have a higher mileage compared to the age of the car and a generally worse state, which is redeemed at a lower selling price. Both variants concern cars purchased in the Czech Republic or abroad (France, Austria, Germany, Italy, etc.)

Whichever option you use, we recommend that you thoroughly examine your car before purchasing it. Ideally, we recommend that you use an RV specialist and an RV specialist who will be able to inspect and evaluate your prospective car for a certain fee. Not only will it check the current state of the vehicle, but will generally check the price per vehicle (whether it corresponds to the current market), or estimate the cost of necessary repairs. You will thus have a fairly accurate financial plan for the costs associated with purchasing your dream RV or RV. A cheaper alternative is to use the car's control by a car mechanic. For those who choose not to use a single service, we are bringing several types to focus on before buying to buy an imaginary hare in a bag and not regret it.

What to look for?


is a special superstructure included in the technical document?
are the vehicle VIN numbers identical to the documents?
is the type of engine, total and payload, and the number of seats in accordance with your needs?
is a valid MOT, gas emissions and revision?
is a service booklet and user manual available? Has a regular service been performed?

Vehicle base:

is a body without rust, visible damage, not scratched or cracked glass?
the latest liquid replacement date, new wiring and brakes? (as directed by the manufacturer depending on mileage or age)
is the paint free of abrasions, scratches or different colors after any repairs?
are tires without damage, with a minimum sample and not older than 6 years? Is the same type of tire on each axle?
Is the type of tire on the vehicle compliant with a large technical certificate?

Are tires evenly worn?

Is the shift in the test run and hold the direction? Are there any unusual shocks from the wheels to the steering wheel?
Is the engine with no visible leakage of oil or other operating fluids?


Isn't corrosion or efflorescence on aluminum parts or visible damage to the laminate?
are the walls and skirting boards undamaged?
are no visible damage from hail (or was the damage reported to the insurance company?)
are all windows, skylights and rubber seals intact? Is the rubber seal still flexible?
is the superstructure accessories intact and functional?
are they not visible on the roof and in the hard-to-reach places of green algae?

Living space:

Does your floor plan meet your requirements?
is upholstery and other surfaces not excessively worn?
are the beds and grates in good condition?
Are Lockers, Drawers and Doors Open Easily?
can windows, shutters, and nets be easy to open or download?

Car equipment:

does the refrigerator and heating work properly?
is the water tank inside clean and free of algae?
does the water pump generate sufficient pressure?
do the control panel, lighting, and other electrical systems work properly?
is other equipment intact and functional? E.g. air conditioning, television, satellite, parking camera or solar panels etc.

Sealing the car:

have leak tests been performed regularly?
is all the seal intact and still flexible?
is the floor and walls of the living area intact and without gaps?
not feel in the living area mold or moisture?
are mattresses and upholstery on both sides without stains?
is a shower tray without cracks or bright spots?
is the floor, ceiling and walls without visible wet spots?
We believe that this list will at least partially help you avoid buying a vehicle badly. Do not rush in the inspection and think carefully about it. It is important to test the functionality of all systems and to pass the test drive best on worse roads where deficiencies become more apparent.