Sunday, 11 February 2018

Liza's CX500

What do you do when you go to the local recycler and find a Honda CL500 laying in a corner? Load it up and build a tracker.
Sub-frame was cut off  so a mono shock conversion can be mocked up using a '99 CBR900RR rear shock
Front forks are replace with an inverted Yamaha R1 unit using the stock stem and bearing mated to a set of custom billet triples supplied by Jeff at Middlesex Cycle. The triples are offset 50mm to give more tank clearance.
Speaking of tank...a '74 Yamaha RD350 was decided which will retain the shape and filler cap but will get a new tunnel for a slick fit.

 Liza isn't sitting still and getting into the build by taking the Comstar wheels apart to get the hub ready for a spoke conversion kit, bending the rear sub-frame hoop and fabbing a seat pan.