Thursday, 28 January 2016

Friday, 15 January 2016

2016 Super Show and Shenanigans!


It's taken a week for me to recover and get back to some sort of routine after the 2016 Toronto Super show. Thanks to Mike and his crew for setting me up with a killer spot!

One of my few appearances at the booth and thanks to the Bullit Girls Brittany and Cassy (aka Marisa)
Beehive Triumph 

 Karyn's CS-3 at Bike of the Century display Hall

JT, Neil and Ivo from the Freedom Machine Show let me set up Ian's CB550 Street Racer at their booth. Andrew from Rolling Chaos was in attendance flogging his cool wears with Matty from Lucas Oil and TC Bros supplying some swag for the show goers.
Yup the CB350 no seat Café got the 3rd place trophy


Brittany broke a heel and chipped a nail so JCasey had to go set off on a recovery mission...what a mess!!!
Twiggy Tallant from Vegas Rat Rod kept hangin' around the booth pestering me to take pix with her and after a couple of hours I started to feel bad for her so I caved. She was so grateful that see got on her knees and begged to stay in contact needy!
The highlight of the show for me was meeting Twiggy and I was even more thrilled when she liked the CB350.

 Private Lee with his Daisy Dukes got to spend his first anniversary of losing his virginity with Counting Cars Rollie and Horny Mike!

 Ian makin' engine fart noises while loading up the Beehive Triumph