Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Never know what to except.

Working on motorcycles or cars is always pretty interesting because you never know what to expect. Both Rob and I get the pleasure of doing the whole trial and error system today.
For me, it was taking apart 3 different front ends to see what will fit where and on what bike. You need to keep in mind that you have to be patient with each one. And it kept the learning experience exciting for me because all 3 front ends were different so I have to do something different to it each time to get them off. That's what I like the most about this job. Keep things different. Always learning.

I have definitely learned though, that with the whole trail and error process, you need to keep your patience, remember what you did the first time so you can improve the next time. There is always a solution for everything. Just needs time, which I have learned from Rob.

                                                        Every problem can be solved.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

O.T.B. Adam's CB550 update...

Got Adam's bike buttoned up and fired but there was a tic in the engine. Re-checked valve clearances but I knew it wasn't that. Took the head off and 2 carb choke plate screws where imbedded in the head of the #3 & #4 cylinder. Got lucky as the valve seats, cyl. walls and pistons were salvageable after some "de-burring"!!! Cut some new seats, put in some reconditioned valves in, lapped the valves in the fresh seats, honed the cylinders, and put it back together using new gaskets.

O.T.B. Ducati GT1000

I met Carlos at the 2015 Toronto SuperShow and ask if I could repair a set of road rashed  Termignoni mufflers.  I was up for the challenge. The pipes were disassembled, cut, reshaped to the stock profile, re-Tiged  with stainless rod, ceramic coated, polished and repacked with new deadener. Carlos also got new Termignoni decals for the finishing touch.

For a side project we made a one off headlight grill.

Carlos dropped by so I could check my handiwork. Super clean ride and it sounds amazing!!

Custom leather seat that Carlos had made! Beauty leather and excellent craftsmanship.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

O.T.B...920 V-Go...and other stuff

 Doing a 2 into 1 carb conversion for a customers 920 Virago. Got it sorted and running sort of but some electrical issues became apparent! Also did a air delete on the forks and made an ignition bracket.

I also got some doodads off EBay ( microphones, vintage, T-Bird fender indicators) that I gut and put LED lights in them to make cool signal lights, brake lights and licence plate lights. 

And my first Motogadget order started trickling in!!!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Harley Luggage for All Adventures

Throughout my years of riding and accessorizing my bikes, I've found that universally manufactured gear can be extremely hit or miss. While it's best to find motorcycle luggage that works best in a number of different environments, sometimes this can be a detrimental drawback to the usefulness and fitting of the bag itself. Apart from their legacy as an iconic bike company, Harley Davidson uses similar design aesthetics in the framework and fairing construction on many of their models. When shopping for aftermarket gear like saddlebags, this becomes a clear advantage in selections and availability. Standing high above the competition, Viking Bags remains one of my personal favorite luggage manufacturers. If you're looking for an attractive and reliable set of Harley Davidson luggage, Viking Bags' lineup should be on your radar.

The Importance of a Well-Placed Saddlebag

If there's one piece of gear that's become an iconic tradition for riders all over the world, it's the motorcycle saddlebag. These side luggage bags transform two-wheeled bikes to true long-distance warriors, allowing everything from extra clothing to extra parts to be by your side. But modern motorcycle saddlebags have become even more adaptable and durable than ever before, using only the toughest materials and innovative styling to carry your luggage to unimaginable destinations. Personally, I've chosen a set of saddlebags that are easy to remove and mount on any of my motorcycles, that way I spend less time actually installing the luggage and more time on the road enjoying the ride. But I've also gone through my fair share of saddlebags over the years, and I've learned more lessons about durability than any rider should ever endure.

Mounting Hardware Hassles

I've learned that buying a pair of saddlebags that don't come with their own mounting gear, then trying to mount the saddlebags with a set of local hardware store nuts and bolts will end terribly...and cost more than I'm willing to admit. I've also learned that just because a high-quality leather saddlebag costs more, doesn't mean the leather will last in poor weather conditions. I've ruined electronics in misty rain weather before, because I thought the traditional flap-style cover was a good idea on a rainy evening. In fact, I wouldn't buy another motorcycle saddlebag without a weatherproofed sealant around the exterior. My valuables are mine, and no ride is worth losing gear over a little inclement weather.


Harley Specific Saddlebags for Unique Customization
Now, when you've got a specific model of motorcycle in mind, selecting the right saddlebag becomes even easier. Harley saddlebags are generally built to flow with the natural design of these cruiser legends, so you can always match your beauty with something really special. As mentioned previously, Viking Bags can do no wrong in the luggage department, blending affordability with stylish sophistication in one fell swoop. Speaking of classic aesthetics, the Harley Davidson Charger series saddlebags is one of my absolute favorites; it features minimalistic construction, chrome-polished studs and a quick-release buckle system for easy yet protective access to the interior compartments. This saddlebag puts convenient luggage storage out of the way, allowing me to store extra helmets, riding gear and work accessories with the greatest of ease.

Go Big For A Luxurious Ride 
Of course, you might want something a little bigger for your everyday needs, and Viking certainly gets it done right. Ergonomically constructed and perfectly fit for any Harley Davidson, the large-sized Nomad Universal bag makes a perfect companion for those long-distance adventures, the everyday commutes and the all-season rides. Installing a larger bag on the side of your motorcycle gives you the ability to pack more luggage into one ride, sure, but it also creates a more aggressive appearance by showing off your new sporting saddlebags to the world. You'll never run out of room the larger you go, and with a Harley Davidson purpose-built saddlebag, you know even the smallest storage items are protected along the way. But the great thing about owning a Harley Davidson is the simple fact that no aftermarket gear is ever enough. I keep an extra set of saddlebags handy for stylistic purposes, but you may want to outfit your bike with a new set of luggage every time you leave home.

Low Rider Excellence
While Harley Davidson motorcycles all feature a signature styling that simply cannot be replicated, there comes a time when certain models are best served when gear is custom-tailored to their frame. To get a little bit more specific for a moment, Dyna Low Ryder Saddlebags can really make this classic beauty stand out from the rest of the pack. A simple pair of side luggage not only helps you pack down your gear on a long road trip, it widens the stance and makes the Dyna Low Rider that much meaner on the streets. But the saddlebag market runs so deep, everybody can find exactly what they want without fear of losing any actual bike space. Side pockets, interior pockets, hidden pockets and compartment dividers all make themselves useful when it comes to storage. The Dyna Low Rider is already a modern work of art, and even the addition of the right saddlebags can make it look even more iconic. Of course, nothing beats the convenience of lockable storage, either!

In a world where customizing exhaust pipes, handlebars, rims and even gas tanks are the main priority in aftermarket gear, saddlebags can often be an afterthought when accessorizing a motorcycle. Everybody needs a pair, but it's usually not the same as buying a new transmission. In many situations, upgrading to a new pair of saddlebags will not only help complete the look of your bike like no other aftermarket accessory, these side luggage compartments will also help you travel farther, carry more personal items and make the whole experience that much better. It's true – saddlebags allow you to take your motorcycle farther than you ever imagined. Pack your luggage and settle in for a nice, long ride. You're going to be here for a while!

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