Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Moto Synthesis Comstar Spoke Conversion Kit

Converting the Comstar to Spokes Taken From the Moto Synthesis Blog!

These spoke rings will fit any Honda that has "Comstar" five spoke aluminum wheels, including: CX500, CX650, CB450, CB650, CB750, CB900, GL500 Silverwing, GL1000, GL1100 Goldwing, Nighthawk 650, Nighthawk 750, Nighthawk 450, CBX1000...etc

How to disassemble the rear comstar wheel...

The fasteners that hold the wheel together are not a standard a nut and bolt. They are designed to not be taken apart. So we have to get medieval!  First, center punch all the fasteners that hold the hub to the outer wheel.

 Then drill out the heads of the bolts. Use a nice sharp bit for this, it will save a lot of time. I used a cobalt bit. They are more expensive, but well worth it. They stay sharp much longer.

When you drill through to the shaft of the bolt the head will come right off.

After you drill out all of the bolt heads it's on to the rivets around the perimeter. These rivets are aluminum and much easier to drill than the bolt heads. I center punched these too so I was drilling right down the center of the rivet.

Now that all the bolts and rivets are drilled I used a hammer and drift to remove the bolts from the hub.

After I removed all of the bolts the star spokes just about fell out.

This is what we are after; rear hub, drive side...

...rear hub, brake side.

These are the spoke rings, after water jetting and before finishing, bolted on to the stock CX500 Comstar rear hub. I wanted to see how well they fit before finishing.

This is an 18" rim laced to the spoke rings. I laced the wheel together to make sure everything fit and the spoke length was correct. 

I have sent the wheel components off for powder coating. Next weekend I will have the finished wheel assembled. 

Parts are back...

Stock hub powder coated

Hub with spoke rings mounted

I trued the rings on the stand before lacing them, just to be sure they were round.

lace one side at a time

This is the pattern for a standard 40 spoke rim. Flip it over and do the same on the other side.

Now it's ready to be trued up on the stand.

Now it's all tightened up and ready for a tire! I will mount that next week.

Spoke wheel with 4.00-18 tire mounted up. The outer diameter is the same as the 16" Comstar with a 130/90 tire. I really like how the wheel turned out so now I am working on the front. When the front wheel is finished I will mount them on the bike and see what it looks like.

Now it's time to take apart the front 19" front Comstar...

This is the donor wheel I will be using for the hub.

First remove the hubcap.

Now you can see the fasteners that actually hold the hub to the wheel.

The fasteners are just a nut and bolt with a small rod pressed in to prevent loosening. You can see the rod in between the bolt and nut on the right side. With a couple of good 12mm wrenches I was able to unscrew the nuts by hand, one of them just broke off. Either way it doesn't matter, you don't need them. If you can't get them off this way then you can always cut off the nut with a cutting wheel or drill out the head of the bolt like I did on the rear wheel.

I used a hammer and drift to drive out the bolts. They came out pretty easily.

fasteners out

Now you just have to drill out the rivets around the perimeter. They are aluminum so they come out easily.

Here is what we are after. Now I will make spoke rings to fit this front hub. I should have those ready next week.

This is the new 19" rim and tire I will be using on the front wheel.

I picked up the front spoke rings from the water jet guy today.

  They fit perfectly! So I measured for and ordered my spokes. Now I need to finish the corners and spoke holes, then off to powdercoat.

Next week I should have all the parts ready for assembly. I can't wait to see what my CX500 looks like with spokes!

The spokes finally came in. So I laced them up to check fit.

Powder coat time...
I picked up my parts from powdercoat, they look great.

The tolerances on the spoke rings are pretty tight so I needed to sand off the powdercoat on the inside diameter to get a nice fit.

I mounted a drum sander to my drill press for this.

They cleaned up nicely and now I have a perfect fit.

I used nylock nuts to mount the rings to the hub. I don't want those to loosen up.

Time to lace rim to the hub.

 Spokes in place and wheel mounted in truing stand.

I clamped a bar to the stand and made a mark to help see the side to side movement and wheel hop. Both of which you can correct with strategic spoke tightening.

Al tightened up and ready for the tire. I will mount that up tomorrow and see how it looks on the bike.

Tire mounted: 3.25x19.

The OD on the tires are perfect match.

Wheels mounted on bike.


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