Friday, 21 February 2014

On The Bench!

Ian dropped off a blasted CB350 Frame a Paco Motors Café seat and a stock tank. He ask me to "set it up" so while waiting on parts, machining on other projects I went to town.
 I braced up the frame the cut of the old section, bent up a hoop but I ended up cutting it up to make it fit the profile of the seat.

 Once happy with the hoop I leveled up the frame made shock mounts clamped it down and stated to TIG.


I them moved on to the seat mounts. Ian was specific in that he wants to be able to see the loop when the seat was installed. Go that done and while I was at it I fabbed up a battery and electrics pan.

Once I had every thing mounted I wasn't crazy about the tank to seat transition. I didn't want to mess with the very cool and dent free tank so I made a "transition" piece and attached it to the seat that can be painted or upholstered.