Thursday, 30 January 2014

Guest Blogger!

The power of Facebook is GREAT! I connected with Kiara Wilson who's employed at the and she asked to blog one of her articles! Giddy up!!!

Motorcycle Jacket Functions for Motorcycle Enthusiasts
There’s more to purchasing a suitable motorcycle jacket than most would care to anticipate. While the more obvious features such as colour and suitability are unlikely to be overlooked, many motorcyclists, especially those new to the lifestyle, make common mistakes unknowingly on a regular basis.
Abrasion Resistance
While you’d be hard pushed to find a motorcyclist who would ever disregard their helmet, any biker worthy of their uber cool transportation method is certain never to overlook the power of abrasion resistance.  

Though direct impact holds the most cause for worry with regards to a motorcycle road accident, you’d be a fool to overlook the subsequent skin to road surface friction that it usually incurs.


Good jackets for motorcycles all supply their owner with supremely high levels of protection in this respect, with cow’s leather and synthetics being the materials currently leading the way.


If you think about it, most jackets do comprise of a fair amount of separate components. Whether a simple rain jacket or one of those ridiculously-advanced  15 pocketed touring riding jackets you see around more and more these days, chances are it’ll be made  up of a variety of seams, portions and fasteners. 
  An apparent choice must be immediately made with regards to zippers, Velcro or snaps and further choices in the lining, material, neck and sleeve styles and of course appearance and colour will shortly follow. It can get rather intense.

Water Resistance
Even if you live in the middle of the Nevada desert it is always still worth considering motorcycle jackets that are fully waterproof, or at least water-resistant.
For once, you never know where your motorcycling adventures are likely to take you and so must always have the capability to speed through a torrential rainstorm in relative comfort, and for two the price you’re likely to pay for any riding jackets worth said price should be water-resistant.
 A wonderful word, versatility in this instance refers to a biker jackets ability to get a rider through the season without becoming redundant.
Whether you are an avid road hog and like to clock thousands of miles each year on a series of relentless travels that take you through several different climates, or a small town rider who requires a jacket that isn’t going to need replaced every few months, you’ll be please to know that you can get your hands on motorcycle jackets that have removable linings, making them as suitable during early Spring or late Fall as they are in the heat of July.
A function with a typically laborious name, visibility is something that is wholly essential- regardless of its ranking of importance among the old school.
Far too many road accidents involving motorcyclists happen under the cover of darkness- avoid becoming a statistic by investing in a jacket that will make drivers aware of your presence!