Monday, 25 November 2013

On the Bench

I've been doing a sort of restoration on a '83 Honda CBX 550. I purchased 2 of them and pulled both out from the guys basement and once back in the shop the job of making one good one out of two bikes started. I got Brittany - The Bad Ass Bullit chick to do all the grunt work and now we're in the final stretch. The exhaust was pooched on both bikes so I had to fab something up!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Rear Fender Brake Light

Another taillight project done! Spotted this boat light on EBay. It had a gentle curve to it like the profile of a fender. Took it apart, gave the outside a quick polish, cleaned the cool red glass-yes red glass, blasted and sprayed the base and wired it with LED's !
Want it? $200 shipped to you!!

The Fatman Lid

Fatman got one of his old skull caps refurbished with a Paint Werx re-spray and a custom inner liner from a dude in Orangeville!

Friday, 22 November 2013

1.9" Gauge Bracket

     If you're looking to update your CafĂ©, Brat, Bobber or  Bar hopper install a set of  1.9"(48mm)     gauges with Bullit Custom Cycles simple to install gauge console Bracket!!!

 It bolts to CB's right out of the box, using the ignition mounting holes and you can keep the stock ignition switch in the stock location!!!

 For you adventurous types the Bracket can be used on virtually any bike that has two holes on the tree, simply make an adapter bracket and you're on the road chillin' like a villain!!!

Bullit Custom Cycles 1.9"(48mm)  gauge Bracket is designed to fit all Honda SOHC and DOHC models from about 1974-78 that have the stock ignition key mounted to the top triple. This would include the CB750, 650, 550 as well as CB450/500T.

This bracket is designed to use the 1.9"( 48mm) Gauge products offered by distributors in Canada and in the US.

Now for the cool part! You can add colored LED's to replace your warning lights! There's provisions for 5 light but you pick the colors and how many.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

On the Bench...

I was looking for light on EBay when I came across these microphones and thought they would make cool tail lights. So I took the guts out loaded them with red LED's and voila!!! Now you can feel like a Rockstar on your ride!!!

Want one? $100 for the Bullet mic and $200 for the Elvis-mic with TC Bros license plate mount.