Tuesday, 31 July 2012

So summer has been here a while now and we've had maybe 4 days of rain.  I've been out on The Creature as much as possible and getting some good miles behind me.  I've added/adding a few minor things that will make a big difference on this big to keep it going longer and stronger.  I'm adding a remote oil filter kit, changing the fork seals, adding the Cycle Electric high-output 12v model generator to replace the current useless one, went to a whiskey throttle with green metal flake Hippy Killer grips, finally adding the front brake and changing the Oil bag to an round one.  The chain keeps hitting the current one and it'll be worn through in no time.  Hopefully the stuff i'm waiting on will be here this week or early next so i can enjoy more of these sun filled days.  Thanks to Bronko's cycle, Lowbrow and Chassis Design Company

Monday, 16 July 2012

Temple of Zoom

  Thanks to our growing customer base the Bullit Custom Cycles shed will have to be upgraded! We moved to a new location and some updating will occur in the next few months. The online business will remain unaffected but the moto-creations division will be temperarily suspended for a few months while the new Temple of Zoom will be erected. Thanks to all the customers for the support!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ripple Rock Racing has a new Aluminum Mini Gauge Instrument Bracket brought to you by Bullit Custom Cycles which is designed to fit all Honda SOHC and DOHC models from about 1974-78 that have the stock ignition key mounted to the top triple. This would include the CB750, 650,550 as well as CB450/500T. We designed this bracket to use the Mini Gauge products offered by distributors in Canada and in the US.

This bracket allows the use of the stock ignition mount and the stock choke mount with the stock Honda top triple. The warning light box is removed and the stock instruments are replaced with your mini gauges. The mini speedometer would contain the warning light LED unit and the mini tachometer would be the appropriate ratio for the model (CB750/650 4:1,
while CB550 7:1). You would simply unbolt the complete stock unit (2 bolts), unbolt the ignition key mount, unplug the warning light connectors and remove the stock nacelle as a unit. Then re-bolt the ignition key mount with the new instrument bracket mini gauges attached, plug in the connectors for the warning lights and you're up and running!! Simple but elegant. The cables for the speedo and tach don't interfere with the stock headlight yet are
nicely spaced for that minimalist cafe racer look.

  We've attached some pics with the gauge unit mounted to a CB550 cafe (key is hidden away elsewhere on this build) in the flesh as well as a few pics of the bracket and ignition key mounted to a CB650 top triple. We can supply the Micro instruments as package with the bracket and the gauges.

Mini Gauge instrument​s w/ bracket         $164.95
Aluminum Mini Gauge Bracket                $19.95
Tach                                                     $59.95
Speedo w/warning lights                        $94.95