Wednesday, 1 July 2015

O.T.B... '72 Honda SL100 Restoration!

Brittany has a cool project on the go! A customer dropped off his original '72 Honda SL100 that he's had since new and after a few year of "storage" has pulled the trigger for a full restoration. Brittany is the perfect person for the project as she's meticulous in documenting everything taking lots of pix and finding suppliers for NOS parts.



Thursday, 25 June 2015

O.T.B....CB550s and CB650 rubber

Buttoning up another CB550 engine and sliding it back in Ian's Street Racer!

Metzler 160/60/17 spooned on the 4.25" rim for Forbsy's CB650 Street Modded Cafe

                                Jamie ridding off on his Ratattoo CB550 Hardtail

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

O.T.B...... R5 & Triumph Cafe Tank

Ian R5 blew beautiful blue smoke after he put new Avon rubber, brake pads gold chain and stole my RD350 seat while he's getting the original seat recovered. Changed out a dead plug and giddy up! No mosquitos for a couple of hours!!!

Got a little more work done on the Triumph Café tank 

Monday, 22 June 2015

O.T.B.....Triumph Cafe

The Freedom Machine show being a few weeks away Brittany and I figured we should come up with something new to bring.
  I started mocking up a Triumph Café today using a new Re-pop TFMW frame and a 0"-2" hardtail. I'll be using a Triumph 750 install with some of our new stainless engine plates.
 Cut the tunnel out of a beat up Triumph tank that I paid to much for and sectioning a café tank we had in stock.
 Pat Cowan of PACO Motorsports who's king of the fiberglass vintage café seats in my book kindly hooked me up with a seat.

Good for a Monday!!!