Sunday, 29 May 2016

Change it up..CB650 Resto Mod

Sometimes the best laid planes don't make the cut! After initially mocking up the CB650 Resto Mod with 2 into 1 intakes the client jumped on the bike for a test fit and the combo wasn't shall we say ergonomically correct. So plan B was put into effect. Reconfigure the carb intakes and the battery box to fit the velocity stacks.



Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Frame Work -- BSA Loop

Ross from Oil an Ale loves his BSA's. Another little side job making a loop for one of his many projects. He even supplied a partial frame so the fit would be right.

Frame Work and Kickstand Lug -- Norton

Doing a little side job on a original Norton frame. The rear loop section of the frame was a little droopy and instead of straightening it and adding gussets I suggested cutting the loop at the shock mount, straightening the bendy part making and adding 10" slugs. TIG it up and Bob's your uncle! While I was at it the old broken kickstand lug was cut out and a new one welded in! Make nice for the high gloss black powder coat.