Wednesday, 16 December 2015

O.T.B....More Clearance Clarence

Chris' Cafe has been my go to bike for product development and will be in the Freedom Machine booth at the 2016 Super Show.
Thought the last couple of years it's had a Café loop a la Ducati SS, engine rebuild, custom stainless slip-on, painted, carb tuning, rearsets just to name a few. Always looking to improve, there was a bottoming out problem in the back so the back was modified again to get more clearance for the back wheel by fitting a CB 550 fender.
While I was at it Kris from Old School Speed sent some new rearset parts and I got to re-configure it for better operation. Hopefully we'll have the kit ready to bolt on for the '77-'78 SOHC CB750 Super Sport in a couple of months!

Oh ya chopping the front fender! 

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