Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Accomplishments

What a day!!! Full of different accomplishments for me today. If you were un aware, I have picked up a new project for a Honda SL 100. Needs to be fully stripped down and completely re-newed. Has taken me awhile but I have finally gotten the whole frame stripped down. Engine out and everything. Now just needs to be categorized into different boxes to get sent out and get her make over. Very excited to get everything back.

Of course with every project, there was some bumps in the road. Trying to figure out what to take off. And in what order. Especially since its an older bike there's some rust, making things a little more difficult than they should be but I always work my way through it and manage to get everything off. With some help from the boss man if needed.

Oh and of course its not a proper work day without getting injured. I managed to get my finger a nice shade of purple today. And bent a nice screw driver from getting it stuck while I was trying to get the swing arm off. Thank god I have a boss that laughs more than anything. We were able to get it somewhat straight after haha.

Over all it has been a very fun and productive day. As it always is here. Never a dull moment in this shop. Which is one of the many reasons why this is my second home.

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