Wednesday, 30 December 2015

O.T.B....920 Pipe

This is what happens when a bike stay in the shop too long. ADHD kicks in and I make stuff!

 Had a Yosh pipe sitting in the shop cut 6"off of it made a stainless kick up adapter....Bam!


Saturday, 26 December 2015

O.T.B...CB350 Cafe

Brought this bike to the 2015 Freedom Machine Shin' Dig (still a bit foggy on the details) and decide to redo all the little imperfections. Oh ya planning to have this done by the 2016 Supershow!

O.T.B. Beehive Intake + Fresh Rebuild

Didn't want to put a boring pancake style filter on the Beehive Triumph so I spent too much time making a filter housing that just fits in the tight space. I also got to uncover the fresh rebuild from Ron Hergott up in Whesley

Friday, 25 December 2015

O.T.B....Beehive Pipes

Mocking up and making pipes, bars and fitting the front wheel on the chopped springer Beehive Triumph

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

O.T.B....More Clearance Clarence

Chris' Cafe has been my go to bike for product development and will be in the Freedom Machine booth at the 2016 Super Show.
Thought the last couple of years it's had a Café loop a la Ducati SS, engine rebuild, custom stainless slip-on, painted, carb tuning, rearsets just to name a few. Always looking to improve, there was a bottoming out problem in the back so the back was modified again to get more clearance for the back wheel by fitting a CB 550 fender.
While I was at it Kris from Old School Speed sent some new rearset parts and I got to re-configure it for better operation. Hopefully we'll have the kit ready to bolt on for the '77-'78 SOHC CB750 Super Sport in a couple of months!

Oh ya chopping the front fender! 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bullit Review: Vikingcycle Skeid Leather Jacket for Men

With the weather changing, trying to find a jacket that can do everything, that is not only cost efficient and makes those colder rides even more fun can be a bit of a challenge. But we have found a solution. Now, my go to jacket is the Vikingcycle Skeid Leather Jacket for Men.
There are many highlights of this jacket and are true to the manufactures description

The Viking cycle classic retro brown jacket is special launch for cruiser enthusiasts made of grade on buffalo hides with a blend of antique brass zips.
An outstanding feature of this jacket is multiple pockets that allow you carry all your accessories in organized manner such as phone, sunglasses, I pad, knife, cell phone, keys, wallet and documents.
Comes with 2 layers lining, quick zip out liner backed with mesh lining.Approved protection at shoulder and elbow , adjusted and fitted to hold the desired places .
Elasticized panels at front ,back and bottom to provide the movement and comfort you need.
Full ventilation, Air vents in each arm to provide ventilation Two front chest dual zipper compartments; button down flap.
Ergonomic design to provide the compactness , now comes in lighter weight not bulky as some conventional jackets feel. Mandarin collar airtight collar and zippered cuff for adjust ability.

Coming from a costumers point of view it has multi season use. Full armor. It is very versatile. Fantastic jacket for the price and stylish with the café lifestyle. Overall, an outstanding jacket and would recommend to anyone. These are readily available at:


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Short and simple

Today was quite the learning process and am very proud of myself for it. Everything I work on, I'm always learning but Rob always knows all about the bike to help me out. This was a different situation where we were both learning at the same time.
This time I was working on a CB 350 Twin and had to take a look at the kick start and see why it wasn't cranking properly. We were both unsure of how to take everything apart so I looked online to find a very helpful manual and spent a lot of time reading and learning the diagrams. Took that information and applied it to the bike and BAM! Problem solved, everything apart. When you accomplish something that way its just so much more rewarding.


Friday, 20 November 2015

O.T.B....CM 400 Auto

 Update on the Honda CM400 Automatic:
 Electrics are sorted for the new gauges, warning light, shift light controller
 Parking brake and signals, installed the Custom Dynamic LED combo brake, running light and signals strip into the custom seat
CB550 Tank was wet sanded only and polished keeping the patina, petcock rebuilt and tank installed
Custom seat install, stock fender sectioned and shortened