Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chaps and Pants for Motorcycle Riding


While other riding gear may be favorable in a variety of scenarios, pants and chaps designed specifically for motorcyclists have become a long-standing tradition for many decades. When heading out on a lengthy ride, you can always wear your favorite shorts, jeans or other stylish pants, while pairing with chaps gives you the ability to stay protected and minimize any discomfort experienced. For me personally, I have one pair of jeans I'll continuously wear every time I start up my bike and head past the center of town. They're broken in, extremely comfortable and allow me to move naturally through turns. But these jeans aren't necessarily the most protective when it comes to safety, and I know that they easily could rip in the event of an accident, and they certainly don't protect against engine heat. When I want to stay safe on the bike, I'll make sure to grab a pair of chaps or start the day right with a comfortable pair of leather pants.


Pairing a day's outfit with how you ride is more than just looking good, it's a necessity. In order to remain comfortable and create an adequate layer of protection, you need to be mindful of what you wear on your body. I don't always leave home strapped with proper motorcycle chaps, leather pants or other gear, but I make sure that any long-distance trips are packed with enough bike-specific gear as possible. Besides, leather pants and chaps are iconic pieces of bike fashion, and completing that look makes the ride that much more enjoyable. Leather is sometimes a more difficult material to clean, so you may want to stock up on a variety of different pants and chaps if you're an avid rider such as myself. This gives you even more reason to wear your leathers as often as you'd like, because a wider selections allows more room for customization.


Motorcycle Pants For Every Occasion


The greatest moments you'll experience on a motorcycle happen when you least plan, and that sort of freedom and spontaneity is really what makes riding bikes so different than anything else. But that's not to say that a little planning won't go a long way, because comfort and safety are two main ingredients to ensuring a well-rounded road trip happens. Of course, I'll never leave home without packing or wearing a pair of pants that I know will withstand the harsh realities of riding – from the heat of the engine to the scrapes of the knee. Especially with the wind blowing, motorcycle pants constructed of materials such as leather and denim not only protect your legs from accidents waiting to happen, but you'll also stay much warmer as you travel longer distances in colder weather. But you don't necessarily have to hunker down with thick leathers in the hot heat of the summer sun. When the weather gets tough and you still want to stay protected, a pair of leather chaps is the a great solution. The days of having one particular outfit or set of gear for motorcycle riding are over, because there are endless ways to enjoy your time on the bike. It's your choice how comfortable the ride is going to be, so don't get left behind while wearing inadequate apparel.


Styling the Modern Motorcycling Woman


Today's modern motorcyclists consist of much more than the road-weathered, handlebar mustache donned riders. Women have been taking to the sport and leisurely activity more and more over the past few decades, and a culture of clothing, gear and accessories has rightfully followed suit. For women interested in wearing the latest fashionable outer garments for riding everything from Harleys to Hondas, sporting the right motorcycle pants or chaps can really make the road trip that much more interesting.



For instance, Venture has created an Air Pant specifically for a woman's body, contouring ever so gently with the natural shape and sophistication of the female rider. Breathable materials allow women to stay as comfortable and mobile as possible without sacrificing any of the much-needed protection for extreme situations. This gives sport riders even more of a reason to get low, lean aggressively and hug those corners. But vintage styling is also something that the modern rider might fancy, and the right choice in motorcycle chaps can really make the outfit stand apart. Let everyone know how you ride with these slip-on, ultra protective pant accessories, because you don't need to give up your favorite pants to ride! First Classics manufactures a full lineup of motorcycle chaps out of soft milled leather materials, giving you even more of a reason to look great, stay cool and keep a safe attitude when hauling down the road.

Cruiser Chaps for Women

Quite possibly the ultimate in casual riding, cruisers have long been considered one of the original styles of motorcycle models since the machine's inception in the early 1900s. Riders have always taken a keen interest in the laid back yet toughened aesthetic that a cruiser bike carries, and a rider's gear and accessories both say a lot about the attitude. Just like all of the cruiser-specific jackets, helmets, gloves and boots, finding the right pair of leather chaps for your all-weather riding needs can sometimes be a daunting task. Women should be cautious of any cruiser chaps that aren't constructed of premium leathers, because simple wear and tear can become quite accelerated in the atmosphere of long-distance and frequent motorcycle travel. Sometimes studded chaps are more than just a designer's final touch. These metallic accessories can actually help strengthen the core exterior and help rider's maintain a proper fitting.


If you're on the hunt for a high-quality pair of motorcycle pants or chaps, don't be discouraged in your search for the ultimate gear. Leather is always a material that's favored in the bike community for more reasons than just appearance. This strong material helps bond seams together and keeps riders protected from the perils of everyday road travel. You never know when to expect an accident, and the right gear can end up saving your life!



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