Sunday, 7 September 2014

More New Stuff!!!!

This is the time of year where I go through the website and try to update it! I usually add more items than I remove which is great as that means customers are looking for them. Once again I'll be expanding the Billet Triple line with customer request but also as I go through mannnnny different blogs I try to stop the next popular bike that's being built. It seems that I'm always playing catch up but I wouldn't have it any other way!
 So before the next down season I'm trying to get my act together and get some:
1) prototype -one off- gauge brackets mass produced from customer builds I've been doing
2) supply All Balls steering stem tapered roller bearings for all the triples I offer
3) supply fork seals for the bike I supply triples for
 4) supply whatever you the customer needs to make your ride uniquely yours!!!

Pictured are the latest additions!
Cheers, Rob

                                                All Balls steering stem tapered roller bearing

fork seals

Early model Virago billet Triple

CX500 33mm Billet Triple

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