Thursday, 31 May 2012

Just one of those days.

So it starts like this...

I wake up early so i can drive to the border 1.5-2hrs away to pick up some parts from TFMW, CycleX and other suppliers.  I figure i can make it there, load up, hit customs and do the paper work and drive back home if time permits or just roll straight to work.  I grab my Tim Horton's dbl x dbl and settled in for the drive.  The weather is perfect, clear and cool enough to keep the windows down and music blasting.  I'm just about to ramp onto the highway when i realize i've forgotten my Mother F&#king passport.  So i turn around and start home knowing i wont make it now.  On the way home i call into see Brent at Bronko's to see what cool shit he was working on.  While there I describe the issues I'm having with the Creature and he walks me through the fix's.

 So with this new knowledge in head I drive home.  I have a little time now before work so i give it a shot.  Carb adjusted, check, clutch adjusted, check. Idles fine, sounds good. 

I strap on my helmet and saddle up.

Twist the throttle - great acceleration
Shift gears - nice and smooth, no slipping

Decelerate to turn around and come home and it dies.  WTF.  Check the battery leads to make sure they didnt work loose. Nope. 

Push the electric start button and there's juice.

Kick it over and it fires up and dies again. WTF.

LESSON - Check that there is gas in the tank.  Takes me about 1/2hr to push the bike back home.  Just enough time time store the bike and jump in the truck to get to work.  Sweating my sac off and dripping sweat.

Hope your days are going better then mine.