Sunday, 22 January 2012

Take a Look Jamie

CB 500/550/750 Upper Triple

  • The Ripple Rock Racing Top Triple brought to you by Bullit Custom Cycles are machined from 6061 billet aluminum is designed to work on all CB500/550 from 1971-1978 and CB750 from 1968-1976. They have mounting bosses to accommodate all the various stock instrument mounts that occurred on all three models. The top triple will also adapt to commonly stocked aftermarket gauges such as your 2.5 inch chromed mini. There will be no mounting holes on the top face, all mounting bosses will bolt to the underside of the top triple leaving the face surface unmarred. We will also make a mounting boss to accommodate the ignition key so that the complete stock instrument/ignition cluster can bolt right on.
    The overall design of the top triple was intended to be a functional yet elegant replacement for the stock cast item. The piece was designed to make it very easy for the average cafe racer builder to modify his or her Honda. We did this by engineering a fully flexible unit, able to accommodate stock or aftermarket gauges with no hassle to the builder. It's easy to install, leave it clean or bolt instruments or ignition to it. You can even leave your complete stock gauge set together and simply switch out the top triples. The ugly cast piece gets dumped in the rubbish bin and the new billet aluminum triple slides into place. The mounting bolts slip through our machined bosses and are tightened down with nuts just like on the stock piece.
    For more pics click on this link
  • CB 550 Frame Brace

     The Ripple Rock Racing billet aluminum frame brace brought to you by Bullit Custom Cycles was designed to offer additional stiffness to the frame by tying together the two top down tubes that run down from the steering head. The stock Honda design uses two thin steel rectangles to anchor the front of the engine to the frame. The billet aluminum brace slips between these rectangles and effectively ties the down tubes together, helping to prevent the steering head from twisting during hard cornering and braking. Since the brace is located relatively close to the steering head, it acts as a stressed member, completely linking with the solid engine mounts under and to the rear of the motor. This frame brace should act much like a fork brace does, adding an extra bit of stiffening structure to help keep the wheels in line under spirited riding conditions! The brace itself is an easy install and comes with four new mounting bolts. The Honda front motor mounts are retained, the tapered aluminum brace simply fits between them and is bolted in place.
    Here's a link to more pics.