Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gazoo eats thunder and shits lightning

I get home from work yesterday, tired from the early morning start, grab a bite and sit down with a beer to watch the news.  My mobile phone rings and i look at it deciding whether or not to answer the unknown number.  I picked it up and said hello to which all i could hear was the loud obnoxious revving of what i knew was a motorcycle engine.  I disconnected and did up my jeans (like i said i was watching TV, with a beer), jumped in my truck and raced down to Rob's.
As i pull up i can see him in the driveway with a grin from ear to ear, standing next to Gazoo with his hand on the throttle.  I'm not even out of the truck and he's handing me his Backstreet Buckets custom painted lid.  I threw a leg over a fired her up.  Amazing.  Loud, but not too loud that its going to get stopped every time it passes Mr Law.
I roll it down to the street, click into first and twist the throttle, second, third, forth, down to third, sharp corner, exit and back up to forth.  I'll save you from the rest but after 20 or so minutes i end up back at Rob's with him still standing there with that grin.  Which i now also had.  I handed him the lid and off he went.  20 min or so later he rolls up the drive an does a massive burn out, smoking out the street.  "it's christened" he says.  We knock back a couple oz of single malt and look to see whats next.

A few pics of the before and after can bee seen here.

She is for sale so if your interested contact us.

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