Sunday, 10 July 2011

TFMW products coming soon!

For those of you who dont know what TFMW stands for, here you go.  

This is what they have to say.

"The Factory Metal Works is an up an coming custom motorcycle parts design company located in Charlotte North Carolina.

The Factory is made up of some of the automotive race industries most brilliant minds. We took our knowledge and skills to create new & improved bolt & weld-on applications for a new age of vintage bikes.

We at the factory build some of the best parts available for custom vintage bikes."

Us here at Bullit Custom Cycles Inc. are proud to partner up with these fine fellas and bring their gear up to the Great White North.  We will be carrying a select supply of their offerings and increasing our selection as needs and wants dictate. 

Check out their full assortment of parts and cool stuff HERE

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bullit Triumph Chop/Bob

Well I have resigned myself to the fact that my Triumph Chopper won't be ready to ride this summer. And my trusty '68 Daytona needs to have the wires checked. So I am without a scooter for a short while.

The motor for the chopper is down at Bronko's and Brent is going over the entire thing, measuring, balancing, tapping, blasting, honing and making sure that this bad lil' bitch is %100.

The tank, fender, oil bag and headlight came back from the painter a few weeks ago and has been taunting me in my basement ever since. I can't walk past a piece without picking it up and looking at the sparkle and depth, it truly is mesmerising. Thanks again Derek from Paint Werx.

My springers have arrived and look sick. I just need to decide if I'm going to run the stock hub laced to a 21" rim or opt for the mini drum brake 21" from our supplier Cycle X. I'm leaning toward the mini drum. The rear is going to be the stock hub laced to a 16" rim with a double white wall tire.

Next is the bars. Everything looks killer on it. I have 6" dog bones that look great with my mini Z's or a chopped chrome broom stick bar. I have a set of Pangea Speeds Streamliner bars that are my first choice, but need to make an attached for the top triple for them to work. Internal throttle and clutch either way.

I have a solo Tuck and Rolled seat from Biltwell courtesy of Lowbrow Customs and a pillon pad from ebay so as to keep the rear fenders art visible. OR a crazy Corbin King/Queen seat with nice high sissy bar.

Tabs need welding to the frame and then reassemble.

DECISION DECISIONS. Hopefully I can make up my mind before the Super Show in January or the next summer arrives